Apple’s Maps team reportedly contacting businesses to verify user-submitted data

Apple is reportedly reaching out to businesses to verify address data that has been marked as incorrect in the Maps app’s “Report a Problem” feature. According to a post on Reddit:

A 408 number called me from Apple Maps and let me know that a user reported my business address as incorrect. They still had my old address that was listed on Yelp so I gave them the new one. I asked when I should expect it to be updated on Apple Maps and the lady said, “We don’t have an exact timeline for updates but it should be within the next week.”

It appears that Apple pulled from Yelp awhile ago but it doesn’t actually sync the addresses and other information.

Still couldn’t believe that they called me to fix up the listing – how awesome.

At this stage, it is unclear if the Maps team is contacting other points of interests. Considering the sheer amount of requests that the Maps team likely gets, a turnaround time of one week sounds impressive. The move is indicative of a larger push by Apple to update the Maps app with the latest data, which includes inculcating user-submitted corrections.

What about you guys? Are you seeing more accurate listings in Maps?

Source: Reddit

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My Cyborg Ear: How a Surgeon and Titanium Cured My Lifelong Deafness

My Cyborg Ear: How a Surgeon and Titanium Cured My Lifelong Deafness

I’ve never been able to hear well. As a child, I was in and out of the hospital as doctors struggled to treat chronic ear infections that left me in throbbing pain and, eventually, relative silence. By the time I went to college, I had only one half-functioning ear drum and no hope of regaining the hearing I’d lost after years of damage. Surgery was too risky, the doctors said. This year, I decided to take the risk, and the results were extraordinary.

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Scientists say some farts can help prevent cancer, strokes and dementia

Scientists say some farts can help prevent cancer, strokes and dementia

The smell of flatulence could help avoid cancer, strokes, heart attacks and dementia, according to scientists at Exeter University. Hydrogen sulfide is one of the gases produced by bacteria as it breaks down food in the gut, it is toxic in large doses but in tiny amounts it helps protect cells and fight illness.

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The Differences Between a Budweiser and a Craft Brew (In GIFs)

The Differences Between a Budweiser and a Craft Brew (In GIFs)

We all sort of have an idea of how it works: craft brew is lovingly hand-coaxed into existence, while commercial brew is rattled around in big, scary machines, right? Well let’s see with our own eyes. The good folks at St. Louis Public Radio have done a fun GIF series peeking inside the operations of both Anheuser-Busch and a tiny microbrewery.

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Mix beats and loop vocals with Propellerhead’s Take for iOS

If you saw Reggie Watts’ musical set at Engadget Expand (don’t worry, there’s video after the break), then you probably noticed the table full of gear he needs to construct his loops. Propellerhead — the Swedish software company behind Reason, not…

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Inhabitat’s Week in Green: translucent house shell, Prêt-à-Loger and a skyscraper made of waste

Each week our friends at Inhabitat recap the week’s most interesting green developments and clean tech news for us — it’s the Week in Green.

Self-driving cars are set to become a common sight on roads and highways around the world in the coming…

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How to enable automatic downloads for music, books, and apps with iTunes in the Cloud

If you own both an iPhone and iPad, iTunes in the Cloud, which is part of iCloud, lets you easily sync your content from one to the other with no work on your part. For example, if you downloaded an app on your iPad, it can automatically appear on your iPhone as well if you have automatic downloads for apps enabled. The same holds true for music and iBooks purchases. All you have to do is enable automatic downloads on all your iOS devices.

How to enable automatic downloads for music, movies, books, and apps on your iPhone and iPad

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on iTunes & App Store — you’ll need to scroll down a ways.
  3. Under the Automatic Downloads section, turn On the options you’d like to be automatically download.
  4. If you don’t want automatic downloads to eat through your carrier data, turn Off the option for Use Cellular Data. It is found under the Automatic Downloads section. This way, downloads only happen when you’re on wifi.

Here is a brief explanation of each option —

  • Music – If you purchase a song on your iPhone from iTunes, it’ll automatically be available on any compatible iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac that supports iTunes in the Cloud and is authorized to use your iTunes account
  • Apps – Apps downloaded on one device are automatically downloaded to any other compatible device that has an active connection to the internet
  • Books – If you download a book in iBooks, it should automatically appear in other instances of iBooks on compatible iOS and OS X devices
  • Updates – Updates are a little different and only really apply on a per device basis. Turn updates on if you want App Store updates to install automatically without you having to approve them via the App Store app.

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