AT&T’s U-Verse subscribers top ten million as it adds another million wireless users

We’ve been seeing AT&T paying a good deal of attention to its U-Verse service as of late, and it looks like those efforts are paying off for the company. In its third quarter earnings announced today, AT&T confirmed that the service has now topped ten million subscribers (up from 9.4 million in the previous quarter), and that it is the fastest-growing part of its business, now generating $1 billion in revenue per month.

The company’s wireless business is also continuing to grow, albeit at a more modest rate, with revenue up 5.1 percent year-over-year as it added 1 million net subscribers during the quarter. Not surprisingly, more of those customers are choosing smartphones than ever. According to the carrier, they represented a record 89 percent of its postpaid phone sales for the quarter, while its total number of new smartphone subscribers stood at of 1.2 million (including current customers who’ve upgraded). Tablets are also on the upswing, with postpaid sales standing at 388,000 — AT&T says that represents the largest gain of any carrier, although it’s not breaking any of those numbers down by specific devices. Those interested can find the full earnings report at the source link below.

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